Annual Interview Objectives setting and Feedback

The evaluation of the work done by the staff is part of the good managerial practices of any organization.

This process allows staff to have clarity on expectations and objectives to be achieved, and when the time comes, to receive feedback on the work accomplished.

The annual interview allows to align expectations and objectives, to share feedback on the work accomplished and on the past year, then to project oneself into the future by also addressing the skills to be developed and the professional aspirations. Above all, it is a privileged moment of dialogue between manager and employee.

To prepare and succeed in your interviews, here are a few resources to consult and training courses in which you can participate:

Internal training :

Manager : How to make a success of your appraisal and objective-setting interviews
Staff : How to succeed in your appraisal and objective setting interviews
Giving and receiving constructive feedback

At your own pace, online resources on Keep Learning :

Manager – Conducting successful appraisal interviews
Manager – How to set motivating objectives for your employees
Manager – Giving feedback
Staff – Asking for feedback to progress
Personal – Setting motivating objectives