Jo Taillieu Architecten

Reuse and New Aesthetics

Les multiples dimensions de la réutilisation architecture.

Cycle de conférences organisé par EAST lab. En savoir plus

Jo Taillieu Architecten

Online lecture Monday 11 May, 18:30

About the embracement of ‘making’ in the broadest sense
About understanding the métier as the key to the future
About playing a critical potential through an understanding of how to build
About the responsibility to give architecture a chance as cultural production
also about the uncertainty and the decision
also about recalibrating the expected
also about accuracy above gestures
also about the importance of human imperfection
also about the social responsibility of re-use
also about the meaning of sustainability
also about the everyday reality founded in cultural sustainability
also about the importance of catching the moment by endless reworking
but especially about optimism,
and the pleasure of making
and so much more
simple complexity in architecture

Kapelleveld, jo taillieu architecten. Photo by Juan Rodríguez