Barbara Buser / baubüro in situ

Reuse and New Aesthetics

Les multiples dimensions de la réutilisation architecture.

Cycle de conférences organisé par EAST lab. En savoir plus

Barbara Buser / baubüro in situ

Monday 20 April, 18:30 (GMT+2)

baubüro in situ statement:

We plan in situ. 
With the people, with the existing stock, with the environment.
We’re putting components back in place.
From material that is no longer needed in one place, something new is created elsewhere. 
This circulation saves energy and pays tribute to the beauty of the existing.
We convert.
Continuous change is our program. 
We accompany transformations of areas and buildings. 
We build on the history of the respective location.
We think modular.
In modular design, we focus on the aesthetics of the essential and stimulate individual appropriation. We expand simple units – according to versatile and changing needs.
We rebuild.
Instead of tearing down and starting from scratch, we build on what already exists. 
Through careful adaptations, we adapt historical buildings for current and future uses.