Dominique Perrault & Yoonhie Lee – Groundscape Story

Underground Architecture and Urban Design Think Tank
by Professors Dominique Perrault & Yoonhie Lee

A workshop between EPFL in Lausanne and Ewha university in Seoul

presented at the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2017

Grounscape Talks

Underground architecture:
New perspectives from Switzerland and Korea

Open Talk & Reception
under the patronage of the Swiss Embassy in the Republic of Korea.

Daelim Museum
21, Jahamun-ro 4-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
September 4, 2017
5:00 PM

The talk will bring together a number of speakers to talk about Art, Design, and Architecture in relation with the Groundscape, a new vision for the underground.

Groundscape Experience

Exhibition at the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism (SBAU)
from September 2nd to November 5th, 2017

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)
281 Euljiro
Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

The installation, a 30m long steel sructure in the heart of Seoul, is a model representing the 2.7km long Euljiro underground gallery, featuring a sequence of experiments brought to you by university students from EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) and EWHA (Seoul, South Korea).

This large scale model is offered to all visitors as an urban folly and will be freely accessible at all time, to reflect on underground architecture.

A catalogue is published on the occasion.

Eulchiro gallery - plan of the students projects
Pr. Yoonhie Lee, EWHA ADSLAB
Pr. Dominique Perrault, EPFL SUBLABCoordination
Juan Fernández Andrino
Ignacio Ferrer
Richard NguyenLabs Assistants
Tanguy Caversaccio
Florence Gilbert
Minyae Min
Seonghie Shin
So-oh SungWith the support of ARCHIZOOM
Cyril VeillonGraphic Design
Atelier Poisson


Catalog Publisher

Joon-hee Lee

Installation steel structure
Maes Gaon

Maud Abbe-Decarroux
Lucie Allioth
Pauline Ayache
Lucas Balet
KyungHwa Bang
Amélie Bes
Audrey Billy
Alexandre Bron
Lena Brucchietti
Tanguy Caversaccio
Hyunsoo Cho
Jooyeon Choi
Sungyeon Choi
Yejin Choi
Louis Conforti
Alexis Corre
Camille Ehrensperger
Anthony Felber
Marine Gigandet
Florence Gilbert
Michaël Göhring
Mégane Hänni
Era Këri
Eunbee Kim
Suejeong Kim
Taehee Kim
Delphine Klumpp
Fanny Ladisa
Jiye Lee
Seungwon Lee
Sébastien Leveille
Marty Maïlys
Pedro Maiurano
Jeremy Morris
Tanguy Mulard
Arko Naroyan
Maxim Nenastyev
Kimberlyne Nguyen
Alex Orsholits
Chanseo Park
Minji Park
Arnaud Pasche
Guillaume Pause
Rida Perret
Stéphanie Pitteloud
Laura Primiceri
Merlin Rozenberg
Laura Sacher
Sehyun Shin
Jyungryun Shim
Alizé Soubeyran
Louis Stähelin
Paul Trellu
Lisa Virgillito
Samuel Varrin
Raphaël Vouilloz
Olivia Wechsler

A new vision for the underground

The perception of the underground of cities may well raise concerns at first, as we imagine it dark, damp and uncomfortable. But if we go beyond this fantastical prejudice, we will find another image of the underground, one that is more physical and sensitive.

As the surface of the planet has been entirely brought to our knowledge, what we are dealing with here is the very last frontier yet to conquer for our cities, be them historic or metropolitan. Students from EPFL and EWHA have proposed a series of 28 experiments, considering the misused underground Euljiro gallery not only as a simple urban link, but as part of an incredible network of urban substance and material.

The Groundscape offers a potent catalyst for urban networks, a naturally ideal thermal inertia, an unrivalled respect for the landscape, an elegant enhancement of our architectural heritage, and a unique palette of lights.

Furthermore, this frontier is economically at reach, as above all it holds a vast reserve of real estate. For developers, the Groundscape opens the possibility of expanding a building with respect for the context. For authorities, it is a major source of revenue as it opens up new sites in central locations. This place of resources allows the intensification of urban life without adding density.

The Groundscape is an underside of the world, it is what we would see when diving if the ground was like the ocean and cities like vessels on its surface.
The Groundscape is a landscape of a different nature, which extends the latter and broadens our world.

Prof. Dominique Perrault

Dominique Perrault Architectes, Groundscape fictions:

New York