Juan Miguel Hernández León

Mercredi 10 octobre 2012, 18h
Espace Archizoom, EPFL

Dans le cadre de l’exposition Yona Friedman, Genesis of a Vision

Yona Friedman and the ghost of Utopia

The creative and theoretic process of Yona Friedman could be understand as a derivation of the coincident aim within the lucky expression of Reinhold Martin: “Not in order to build utopies but to live with their ghosts”. Although his thought and activity has been keeping in step to the glide of the modernity system in its transition to the condition of post-modernity.
A parallel thought, (that came from the same, and contradictory, sources), to the technologycal utopia of Archigram, global topology of Fuller, or the critic theory of the Situationists. That proposes a constellation of key-words, (as “process”, “Ville spatial”, “Continent City”; but also, “mapping”, “random” or “translator”), shaping a line of thinking that leaves no testimony of our contemporaneousness.

Juan Miguel Hernández León
Professor at the Politechnical University of Madrid. Editor in chief of the magazine “Iluminaciones, revista de arquitectura y pensamiento”. Author of diverse books about architectural theory and critic, amog them, “Arquitectura Española Contemporánea”, “La otra modernidad”, “Conjugar los vacíos”, “La casa de un solo muro”. Invited lecturer in different spanish and abroad universities.