NEW CHAPTER BOOK: Why Can’t We Live Together? Stockholm and Vienna Large Courtyard Blocks, in Global Dimensions of Housing

This book, the third and final in the ‘Housing the Future’ series, is inspired by the need to deal with a critical issue at a critical time – the provision of affordable and decent housing. Whilst the focus of the series has been on design approaches around housing, it will become clear in reading the diverse contributions in this book that design cannot, and perhaps should not, be isolated from the social, economic, political and cultural issues that are inevitably in play when we discuss housing. On that basis, as we will see in this book, the provision of adequate housing can be considered as one of the most important political problems today: an issue played out against a background of disparate policy interventions, resistances and conflicting aspirations; an issue involving architects, planners, developers, sociologists, artists, housing associations, community representatives, policy makers and more.

The book comes out of the Housing –Critical Futures research programme led by the academic non-profit organisation AMPS (Architecture, Media, Politics, Society). It has been produced in collaboration with Swinburne University.


Chapter Title: Why Can’t We Live Together? Stockholm and Vienna Large Courtyard Blocks

Authors: Chiara Monterumisi, Alessandro Porotto

Book Title: Global Dimensions in Housing: Approaches in Design and Theory from Europe to the Pacific Rim

Editors: Graham Cairns, Kirsten Day

Year: 2018

Publisher: Green Frigate Books

ISBN: 978-1911451051

Webpage: Global Dimensions in Housing – Green Frigate Books