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Hybrid Timber-stone Structures fabrication

ENAC Interdisciplinary Cluster Grants, ENAC-IT4Research-fr

Traditional hybrid stone-timber structures are part of an ancient craftsmanship heritage which is labor-intensive and requires qualified workers. Nevertheless, these dry and glue-free construction systems using locally available materials have all the qualities defined today as sustainable: reuse of mineral waste, low embodied energy, low embodied water content, demountable, cement-free; and moreover earthquake-resistant. Therefore, the (…)

Affective mapping in Geneva

ENAC Interdisciplinary Cluster Grants, ENAC-IT4Research-fr

This project, a collaboration between ALICE (Atelier de la Conception de l’Espace) and LASIG (Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems), will address climate change from the perspective of landscape infrastructure as a nature-based solution capable of linking urban connectivity, active mobility and psychophysical health and wellbeing. Urban landscape has a key infrastructural role, supporting and making possible different practices and behaviors, and can thus be instrumentalized to (…)

Visualizing Urban Water Cycle

ENAC Interdisciplinary Cluster Grants, ENAC-IT4Research-fr, Subventions

Knowledge of how to articulate the “urban transition” is today urgently needed. Urbanization is on a steadily growing trend that impacts the water cycle as a whole. However, while the effects of urbanised/urbanising areas on water quantity (how much water) have been well studied for flood prevention, other effects –as those related to water quality (which water)– are mostly unknown. (…)