Découvrez les Trailblazers V 2023

Les Trailblazers de la cinquième édition lors de leur cérémonie de remise des prix qui a eu lieu en mai 2023 au SPOT sur le campus de l’EPFL

La cinquième édition de blaze s’est achevée avec 9 projets de startups prometteurs menés par des étudiants-entrepreneurs très motivés.

Ces projets ont démontré un potentiel de déploiement rapide, une technologie unique et un engagement en faveur de la société. Au cours de leur participation à blaze, les étudiants-entrepreneurs ont bénéficié du soutien de partenaires industriels de premier plan, d’experts en technologie de pointe et de concepteurs expérimentés.

Rejoignez-nous pour rencontrer ces jeunes gens inspirants !

Astha and Sthithpragya Gupta offer researchers and entrepreneurs in different locations an easy access to sophisticated robotic hardware platforms for all their projects on a pay-as-you-go basis. Each robot is equipped with their own powerful maintenance software.

The co-founders Jonathan Besomi and Paul Szyszkowitz have built the SAAS for the ecommerce interface of the future. Using natural language search Grandmaster AI offers ecommerce shops the potential to best advise their client in a dynamic and real-time manner.

Austin Peel and Aymeric Galan aim to revolutionize the way science is taught through immersive and accessible digital learning experiences. Intuitive Science adds a new dimension to the visualization of scientific problems, cultivating deep intuitions in learners and empowering tomorrow’s great minds to solve global challenges.

The startup created by Soukaynah El Maliki aims to improve positively women life with 10 minutes per day through journaling, by providing them with resources and community to help them to achieve their dreams and overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.

Co-founded by David Cian and Daniel Gruiosu, the startup Neuralworks Technologies is specialized in next-generation human-computer interaction, combining the efficiency of engineered behaviors with the power of self-learned behaviors.

Co-founded by Karim Zahra, Marco Fumagalli, and Matéo Hamel, Neosens is developing a medical device for the rapid and accurate detection of early-onset neonatal sepsis worldwide. By reducing the time-to-results from days to just a few hours, Neosens minimizes unnecessary antibiotic treatments, along with their associated side effects and costs.

Antoine Munier and Jean-Baptiste Conan have created the next generation of writing editor, in the form of a new cloud-based text editor targeted at professionals (researchers, legal teams, etc.) with substantial formatting needs.

Thibaut Hasle has developed a sport application that facilitate access to sport by helping users to find the right partner at the right time in the right place without the need to subscribe into a specific club.

Co-founded by Alexandre Reis De Matos and Gabriel Veigas Marques, Unki is an AI-powered leisure platform that offers individuals and groups unique experiences tailored to their desires, wherever they are.