Ventilative cooling potential assessment tool

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Authors : F. Flourentzou, J. Van der Maas, C.-A. Roulet
Last program version: 1996 – this program served as a basis for newer programs. It is no longer supported.

Abstract LESOCOOL is a simple computer tool for the evaluation of the ventilative cooling potential. The small number of input data and the user friendliness of the program help the user to determine rapidly the influence of the main parameters.
Functions LESOCOOL calculates the cooling potential and the overheating risk in a naturally or mechanically ventilated building, showing the temperature evolution, the air flow rate and the ventilation heat transfer. It can also take into account convective or radiative heat gains. Detailed description of the program and background information (pdf)
Multizone model Single zone modelling is sufficient for most purposes. However a multizone model is available for the evaluation of the temperature evolution along the air path. This model is applicable to single path ventilation of zones ventilated in series.
Few input parameters With very few input data LESOCOOL can determine the dominant parameters and show the good tendencies. The required input parameters are the wall first layer material and surface, the opening dimension and position and the time schedules for heat gain, ventilation and external temperature.
Lesocool is a user-friendly program The Windows interface and the small number of input parameters make Lesocool very user friendly. It has a standard interface for non experts in building physics and a professional edition allowing more functions. The user can shift easily from one interface to the other.
Examples of typical cases studied with Lesocool
  • An office building at Lausanne has serious overheating problems. LESOCOOL showed that the installation of efficient shading devices combined with night ventilation are sufficient to avoid the unpleasant present situation.
  • For the construction of a trade school, LESOCOOL predicted the cooling potential of ventilation in the hair dressing and cooking workshops and determined where solar protection was necessary.
  • During the 1994 Olympic games, 4000 spectators should assisted in an ice hockey match in the Gjovik hall, 110 000 m³ excavated in the mountain. The temperatures simulated by LESOCOOL are in perfect agreement with those measured in situ.
Lesocool cannot… LESOCOOL is not a full building simulation program, but it allows rapid parametric studies to evaluate overheating risks and the potential of passive cooling by ventilation with outdoor air. It therefore only includes the parameters which strongly influence this cooling potential. It cannot simulate multi-layer and thin walls and the simulation period must not exceed a few days. For the multi-zone modelling, zones must be ventilated in series without bifurcation. The dominant thermal coupling between zones must be due to ventilation.

Information on nighttime ventilation

Last program version: 1996 (no longer supported)