Source laser fs et plateforme de traitement 3D

Tangor 100 laser femtoseconde
Amplitude Tangor 100 W with SHG & THG
High power ultrafast fiber laser100 W
Laser wavelength1030 nm
Energy per pulseup to 500 μJ
Repetition ratefrom single shot, up to 2MHz
Pulse durationfrom <500 fs, up to 10 ps
Color 3. Module, 2nd harmonic515 nm, > 230 μJ
Color 3. Module, 3nd harmonic343 nm, > 200 μJ
Mechanical stages and optics (schedulded for Q2-2022)
X – Y (hollow platform)220 X 220 mm
Load capacity5 kg
Z6 mm
Additional axisPolariser
Additional axisAttenuator
Controller16 I/O