EOS – Imprimante 3D métal à fusion de lit de poudre avec chambre chauffante

3D Printer EOS
Building volume X, Y, Z, (mm)240 x 240 x 240
Recommended area for fine detail resolution220 x 220 x 240
Build platform heating450°C
Laser sourceFiber Laser, max 400 W, adjustable
Laser wavelength1070 ±10 nm
Precision opticsQuartz F-Theta Lens
Laser spot diameter40 μm
Exposure speedUp to 7000 mm/s
Typical layer thickness10 μm – 200 μm, adjustable
Powder bed layer monitoringBy CCD camera after recoating & after exposure
Melt pool monitoringBy photodiode @ Visible and NIR
Other monitoringLaser power, temperature, humidity, pressure
Inert gasNitrogen, Argon
N2 chamber flooding vol300 l
Inert gas consumption N220 l/min @ 1,5% O2
Ar chamber flooding vol750 l
Inert gas consumption Ar50 l/min @ 0.1% O2