Anciens projets

See some of our former projects :

CLIMABOG – Partitionnement Saisonnier des Nutriments entre les Microbes et les Plantes dans les Tourbières: Effets de l’Elevation de Temperature

RECIPE – Reconciling Commercial Exploitation of Peat with Biodiversity in Peatland Ecosystems

BIOCHANGE – Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning along an Altitudinal Gradient in the Jura

CATTREE – Influence of Cattle Activity on Tree Regeneration in Wood Pastures

MUSCAD – Multiscale Assessment of Plant Diversity in Wooded Pastures of the Jura Mountains

TREEISO – Multi-proxy Study of a Tree Ring Chronology from Engadine

TRUFE – Tree Regeneration and Understorey Feedback Effect in Pasture Woodland

PASTO – Entretien du Territoire et Production de Viande Bovine