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business women standing by computer in workplace

Go “behind the screen” to learn how devices work, how they communicate with each other, and how to use them safely, effectively – and independently.

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Understand how to automate data gathering, analysis and reporting to gain insights, contribute to strategic discussions and make data-driven decisions.

data dasboard displayed laptop

In-depth knowledge and hands-on tools to use and work with different kinds of data. Gaining practical experience across the data science pipeline by acquiring proficiency in the data science coding language R.

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Designed to give you the knowledge and skills to solve problems with code. Hands-on experience using JavaScript and Python to develop software and build websites.

women coding on laptop with python book

Learn tools for predictive modelling and analytics, harnessing the power of neural networks and deep learning techniques across a variety of types of data sets.

women coding in R for visualization

Learn to make any kind of data speak loud and clear with two critical areas of the data science pipeline: communication and visualization.

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Learn how to get the most out of Scala to solve common programming tasks such as modelling business domains, breaking down complex problems into simpler problems, manipulating data, or running parallel tasks.