Schedule and rules SEYGO

There will be three distinct tournaments:
  1. Knock-out with Open championship : There will be a knock-out tournament for the top players of each age category (number of selected players will depend on number of participants).
  2. Beginners championship : for complete beginners. No time limit (no clock, beginners are expected to play fast).
  3. All ages championship : Additionally, we will have an open championship where players of all age, non-qualified or eliminated players from knock-out can play.
With the exception of the time limit, the rules are the same for both tournaments.

> 5 rounds.
> 1 hour main time – japanese byo-yomi of 3x30sec OR canadian byo-yomi of 12 stones in 5 minutes (Depends on the number of digital clocks). Top players are expected to play with Japanese byo-yomi.
No time limit for the Beginners Championship
> Mac Mahon (no handicap)
> Japanese rules :

Saturday 26th October
09h00 – 09h30 : Registration
10h00 – 12h30 : 1st round
12h30 – 14h00 : Lunch
14h00 – 16h30 : 2nd round
16h30 – 19h00 : 3rd round

Sunday 27th October
09h00 – 11h30 : 4th round
11h30 – 13h00 : Lunch
13h00 – 15h30 : 5th round
16h00 : Award ceremony