EPFL Bunker

Warning : You have to bring your own sleeping bag

We recommend you to book a hotel room if you prefer to have a little bit of comfort. Places are limited and will be reserved to players first. If some are available, players’ family shall be allowed to join as well. However we cannot guarantee families to have a place.

Located in the center of EPFL, the bunker is the spartan and cheapest way (FREE).

There is sinks (only cold water) and toilets.

Also, there are shower near by (5 min. walk).

You can access it Friday night and Sunday night.


If you want to be more cozy, you still have of the following possibilities :

Swiss Tech Hotel – EPFL campus

Starling Hotel – 4 stars Hotel, located at EPFL

Auberge de jeunesse – In Lausanne. You have to take the metro to go to EPFL (around 40 min.)

GuestHouse & Backpacker – In Lausanne, You have to take the metro to go to EPFL  (around 30 min.).

Lausanne Tourisme – Link to find other hotel in Lausanne.