Condensed Matter Theory

Condensed Matter Theory
He is working on several aspects of the problem of strongly correlated electronic systems, with current emphasis on frustrated magnetism and low-dimensional conductors, in the context of several transition metal oxides as well as organic conductors


The research activity covers the study of atomic-scale phenomena both from the structural and dynamical point of view. The aim is to complement experiment by providing a realistic description of the mechanisms occurring on the atomic and nanometer scale


Many-body physics and optical properties of electronic excitations in semiconductor nanostructures. Quantum optics and photonics. Quantum gases and collective phenomena.


Elasticity and mechanical stability in disordered solids, granular and suspension flows, glass and rigidity transitions, marginal stability at random close packing and other glasses, yielding transition and elasto-plasticity


Theoretical and computational physics of Dirac fermion materials (graphene and topological insulators) with strong emphasis on their prospective technological applications.