Master Thesis

Diploma Thesis

Proposals for Theoretical Statements are welcome as long as they are related to the main topics of the Landscape Development Laboratory. In particular, these may be topics dealing with the development of landscapes, including urban landscapes, or the relation between the built environment and open (green) spaces. This also includes issues of human perception of the environment and involvement in participatory processes.

Overarching aspects from which specific topics for the Theoretical statements can be derived are, for example

– Ecological and nature-based strategies for adapting cities to climate change, green and blue-green infrastructure, water-resilient cities

– Topics related to nature in the city

– New approaches to rethinking green and open spaces as part of a necessary transformation of our cities towards more sustainability and to designing them in a multifunctional way

– Ways in which the physical and built environment and the human perception of this environment are connected and influence each other

– Contributions that forms of participation can make to overcoming problems in urban and environmental planning and approaches to critically evaluating their relevance.

Prof Beate Jessel would prefer to follow proposals that involve her only as the supervisor of the Theoretical Statement.