Job Opportunities

Postdoc positions in Deep Learning & Transportation

Several postdoc positions are available in the VITA lab on the topics of deep learning, computer vision, and machine learning for transportation.

List of potential research projects:

Depth estimation from any sensing setup (monocular, stereo imaging…). You will implement and expand capabilities of state-of-the-art methods, develop a new methodology for a new in-house sensing solution, and demonstrate the impact of your work on applications such as
Earth system science and autonomous navigation (with our VITA robotic platform). Collaboration with EERL lab and the Center for Imaging.

Perceiving humans: a multitasking perspective. You will develop methods to jointly detect human body poses, track them, and recognize their actions across domains (RGB and thermal imaging). Collaboration with with TEBEL and the industry.

Perceiving everything. You will develop a unified neural network that can jointly detect humans/objects, their states, and relationships (i.e., object detection, activity recognition, scene graph generations). Collaboration with media industries and IMI center.

Social Forecasting. You will develop new methods to predict humans or vehicles motion trajectories for autonomous vehicle applications.  Collaboration with the industry.

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Postdoc in Ocean state imaging

The Extreme Environments Research Laboratory (EERL) and the Visual Intelligence for Transportation lab (VITA) are collaborating on an interdisciplinary imaging project “3DEarthNavigation” to jointly tackle challenges linked to 3-dimensional reconstruction of surfaces from images for Earth system science and autonomous navigation.

This position will focus on the Earth system science component of the project and is hosted by EERL in Sion. The successful candidate will reconstruct Arctic ocean surfaces from planar stereo images to derive wave variables (steepness, height, age, frequency…) and sea ice features. You will work very closely with the tandem postdoc position in the VITA lab.

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