For the physically disabled persons

This page regards the accessibility of the EPFL website, one of our priorities.

Access keys

All pages on the EPFL website feature access keys that facilitate web browsing for the physically disabled, using auxiliary means such as screen reading software, Braille, screen enlargers, etc.

List of access keys

The following access keys are conveniently placed at the beginning of each page. They are not visible to the general public.

Access key reminders

Keyboard access keys vary depending on the user system and browser software being used:

For Windows
For Mac
For Linux

Limitations of access keys

Access keys essentially provide accessibility through simple and easy-to-use access solutions. However, numerous obstacles encountered due to unfinished implementation considerably limit their scope. Only a handful of numerical keys have proven to be valid, and, as such, solely as a backup to other tired and tested accessibility measures.

Other forms of Web accessibility

Keyboard zoom-in and zoom-out access keys are also usable to assist the visually impaired.

Furthermore, the colors used to illustrate different Web pages respect different color-blind conditions, thus proposing suitably conforming Web pages.