P2 Waste Disposal Invoicing


An invoice corresponding to the services provided by the P2 Waste Treatment Facility is edited and sent every 3 months to the administrative office of our users laboratories, as follows:

  • 1st quarter: December / January / February -> Invoicing beginning of March
  • 2nd quarter: March / April / May -> Invoicing beginning of June
  • 3rd quarter: June / July / August -> Invoicing beginning of September
  • 4th quarter: September / October / November -> Invoicing beginning of December

A 120CHF monthly contributions is included in your invoices, representing a participation to the following services:

  • The provision of yellow plastic containers for the Agar waste;
  • The P2 microfiber lab coats, and their stock management.

To the monthly contribution is added a complementary participation of 5CHF by waste bag, bottle or container treated in our Facility. The number of waste bags, bottles or containers is counted during the pick up by scanning the barcode labels.

Feel free to visit the pages of the P2 Waste Disposal Facility for more information regarding our services!