SV Store Invoicing


Catalyse Orders of Products from the Internal Supply:  

A detailed statement of your purchased items including deliveries to your workplace by the SV Store is sent to the units every month.


No financial margin is added to the price of the ordered items. The billed prices are the ones negotiated with the suppliers.


Deliveries to the workplace are billed 5CHF per delivery. This amounts allows to cover 1/3 of the price of the dry ice made available for your research activities or shipments.


Catalyse orders from Out of Stock products and Biobars: 

All the invoices related to your Catalyse Out of Stock and Biobar orders are sent directly by the supplier to the SV Store. They are carefully checked by the SV Store personnel before being forwarded to the users.


Non-Catalyse Orders:  

All invoices concerning non-Catalyse orders are sent directly to the person who placed the order and are not checked by the SV Store.