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The teaching commission proposes the section’s study plans and study rules. It deals with ongoing teaching problems. This commission convenes twice every semester as notified by the president, or upon request by three of its members.

Members 2018-2019

Président: John McKinney, SSV director

Permanent members
Igor Allaman, rep. Bachelor
Pascale Zbinden, rep. Master
Dietrich Reinhard, rep. Master
Barbara Grisoni, rep. Master
Ingrid Le Duc, CAPE delegate

Professors delegates
Alexandre Persat, Global Health Institute (SV)
Viesturs Simanis, Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (SV)
Carlotta Guiducci, Interfaculty Institute of Bioengineering (STI)
Félix Naef, Interfaculty Institute of Bioengineering (SV)

Student delegates
SV-MàN Jeanne Buchs
SV-BA1-2 Miya Ferrisse
SV-BA3-4 Jarod Levy
SV-BA5-6 Antoine Ribault-Gaillard
SV-MA1-2 Axel Bisi
SV-MA3-4 Gabriele Gambardella

2018-2019 academic year

Jeanne Buchs

Bachelor 1st year (BA1-2)
Ananda Wolz
Miya Ferrisse

Bachelor 2nd year (BA3-4)
Jarod Levy
Neil Chennoufi
Charlyne Bürki

Bachelor 3rd year (BA5-6)
Antoine Madrona
Antoine Ribault-Gaillard


Life Sciences Engineering (MA1-2)
Margot Wendling
Eliane Röösli
Axel Bisi
Florent Sierro

Bioengineering (MA3-4)
Gabriele Gambardella
Laurent Julie

Life sciences and technologies (MA3-4)
Ilaria Ricchi
Ione Pla Puigsubirà

You can apply for teaching assistant positions if they are compatible with your studies (schedules to be found on IS-Acedemia or in the study plan) and if you eligible (minimal grade of 5 for the chosen course, except if specified otherwise).


Section - School of Life Sciences Engineering

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