The official rules for the Minor may be browsed on EPFL webpage . The main points are however listed below:

  • The Minor may be taken by all the STI students (EL, MX, MT, GM) and the students from the Physics Section (PH).
  • Students from other sections are more than welcome but prior authorisation from their Sections should be obtained.
  • The Minor is only open to Master students who have selected a Master programme with at least 90 ETCS (European Credit Transfer System)
  • A minimum of 30 ETCS are necessary to obtain the Minor, usually corresponding to one semester of study
  • All the requirements for the Minor should be completed before the student starts his/her Master thesis (usually in the 4th semester of his/her Master studies)
  • The student’s choice to select the Minor should be announced no later than two weeks after the beginning of the first semester of his/her Master studies
  • The student’s choice should be confirmed before the end of the first semester of his/her Master studies
  • A student is allowed to give up a Minor after being enrolled. However, in order to obtain his/her Master degree, the student will still have to satisfy the rules relative to the Master diploma determined by the “ordonnance du Contrôle des etudes” as well as those applicable to his/her section. In addition, the credits (ETCS) earned in the frame of the Minor may be transferred to the necessary requirements to earn the Master degree as long as the student’s Section allows for it. The credits earned in the frame of the Minor which are not valid for the requirements to earn the Master degree will be lost.


In order to obtain the Minor, a student will have to get at least 30 ETCS (European Credit Transfer System) made out of:

  • at least 20 ETCS for courses (to be selected out of a list of more than 90 ETCS)
  • 10 ETCS for a project

It should be noted that the classes taken by a student in the frame of the Minor are considered as a “group”. Hence the student has to obtain a mark of at least 4.0 for each of them.

Selection of courses

For coaching purposes, the students are asked to fill a form with the list of selected courses and send by email to responsible of the Minor.

Courses out of the list must be appoved by responible of the Minor and you should then ask the delegate of your section to make them available for IS-academia registration.

You should  officially register to the courses through the IS-Academia system.


The project (semester project, 10 ECTS) is mandatory. It can be done in any EPFL laboratory active in optics research.
For the project, the students should contact laboratories of interest and define a project plan with the host laboratory.

You should officially register to the project through the IS-Academia system.