Physical Chemistry Seminars – Archives 2012-2015


Fall 2015

Thursday 8.10.2015 POSTPONED
Prof. Ruth Signorell, ETHZ
Spectroscopy with molecular clusters and nanoscale aerosol particles

Thursday 15.10.2015
Prof. Petr Slavicek,  University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
X-Ray Photodynamics in Liquid Phase: Ab Initio Simulations

Thursday 22.10.2015
Prof. Henrik Stapelfeldt, University of Aarhus, Denmark
Femtosecond Time-resolved Imaging of Chiral Molecules

Thursday 12.11.2015
Prof. Philippe Dugourd, Université de Lyon, France
Probing the Conformation of Gas Phase Biomolecular Ions by Förster Resonance
Energy transfer and Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

Thursday 26.11.2015
Prof. Ruth Signorell,
Spectroscopy with molecular clusters and nanoscale aerosol particles

Thursday 10.12.2015
Prof. Kevin Pagel, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Separation of Carbohydrate and Glycopeptide Isomers using Ion Mobility
Mass Spectrometry

Thursday 17.12.2015
Dr. Francesca Calegari, National Research Council of Italy CNR-IFN
Physics Dept., Politecnico di Milano

Trackining electron dynamics induced by XUV attosecond pulses in molecules

Spring 2015

Thursday 12.3.2015
Dr Ulrich Lorenz, Caltech, USA
Mechanics of DNA Structures and Liquid Flow in Nanotubes: Observing Nanoscale Dynamics
by 4D Electron Microscopy.

Thursday 19.3.2015
Dr Cristina Consani, Universität Würzburg, Germany
Coherent two-dimensional spectroscopy: from photochemistry to exciton dynamics.

Thursday 2.4.2015
Prof. Johan Hofkens, University of Leuven, Belgium
The power of one: what can we learn from singe molecule fluorescence microscopy measurements?

Thursday 23.4.2015
Prof. Eric Vauthey, University of Geneva
Ultrafast Photoinduced Processes at Liquid Interfaces: what is different from bulk solutions?

Thursday 7.5.2015
Prof. Christian Eggeling, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Lipid membrane bioactivity – novel insights from optical super-resolution (STED-FCS) microscopy

Thursday 21.5.2015
Prof. Angel Rubio, Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter,  Hamburg  and
NanoBio Spectroscopy Group and ETSF Scientific Development Centre, Universidad del País Vasco, UPV/EHU San Sebastián, Spain
Simulation of Optoelectronic and Photovoltaic processes within a TDDFT formalism.

Thursday 28.5.2015
Prof. Sylvie Roke, EPFL
Snapshots of ion induced long-range structure in water.

Thursday 4.6.2015
Dr Marco Cammarata, University of Rennes 1, France
Watching matter in real time with X-ray Free Electron Lasers.

Thursday 2.7.2015
Dr Spiros Skourtis, University of Cyprus, and University of Freiburg.
Electron transfer processes from the molecular to the cellular length scales


Fall 2014

Thursday 2.10.2014
Prof. Toshinori Suzuki, Kyoto University
Ultrafast Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Non-Adiabatic Dynamics in Gas and Liquid Phases

Thursday 9.10.2014
Prof. Bo Albinsson, Göteborg
Delocalization and Electron Transfer in Conjugated Porphyrin Oligomers

Thursday 16.10.2014
Dr Grace Morgan, Dublin
Broken Symmetry and Ordering Phenomena in Spin Crossover Solids
Thursday 23.10.2014
Prof. Marloes Groot, Free University of Amsterdam
Structural dynamics in the signal transducer Photoactive Yellow Protein.
Thursday 6.11.2014
Dr Jason Greenwood, Queen’s University Belfast
Ultrafast Charge Migration in Biological Building Blocks
Thursday 20.11.2014
Prof. Tõnu Pullerits,  Lund University
Photocurrent detected 2D spectroscopy reveals details of multiple
exciton generation in colloidal quantum dots
Thursday 11.12.2014
Prof. Natalie Banerji
, University of Fribourg
Microstructural Control of Charge Generation in Organic Solar Cells

Spring 2014

Thursday 16.1.2014
Prof. Silvio Decurtins, University of Bern
About redox-activity and free-spins in molecular systems of various dimensionalities

Thursday 27.3.2014
Dr Claire Vallance, University of Oxford
An ultrafast camera for chemical imaging

Thursday 3.4.2014
Dr Jochen Küpper, Center for Free-Electron Laser Science, Hamburg
Dynamics and reactivities of cold and controlled molecules

Thursday 10.4.2014
Prof. M.J.J. Vrakking, Max-Born Institut, Berlin
Time-resolved molecular electron dynamics

Thursday 15.5.2014 POSTPONED
Dr John Kennis, Free University of Amsterdam

Thursday 22.5.2014
Dr Stefan Witte, Free University of Amsterdam
High-resolution lensless microscopy and nonlinear imaging:
new tools for biomedical applications

Thursday 22.5.2014 POSTPONED
Prof. Angel Rubio, University of the Basque Country / Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society

Thursday 5.6.2014
Dr Maxim Pchenitchnikov, University of Groningen  Organic Photovoltaics: Lessons Taught by Ultrafast Spectroscopy


Fall 2013

Thursday 26.9.2013
Prof. Juan BisquertUniversitat Jaume I (Spain)
Solar energy conversion with nanoheterostructures
Thursday 3.10.2013
Prof. Huib BakkerAmolf (The Netherlands)
Water dynamics and proton transfer at membrane surfaces
Thursday 17.10.2013
Prof. Jeanne McHale, Washington State University (USA)
Photoluminescence Spectroscopy as a Probe of Surface Defects on Nanocrystalline Titanium Dioxide.
Thursday 31.10.2013
Prof. Andreas Osterwalder, EPFL
Chemistry below 1K
Thursday 7.11.2013
Prof. Alec M. Wodtke, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Germany)

New Perspectives in Dynamics at Surfaces

Thursday 14.11.2013
Dr Philippe Goldner, École Nationale Supérieure – Chimie ParisTech (France)
Rare Earth Doped Crystals for Optical Quantum Memories
Thursday 28.11.2013
Dr Ian Mercer, University College Dublin (Ireland)
A powerful new laser technique for investigating protein dynamic structure and function
Thursday 12.12.2013
When two become one: Ultrafast exciton formation at the ZnO(10-10) surface
Spring 2013

Thursday, 28.2.2013
Dr. Edvardas Narevicius, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot (Israel)
Chemistry of the Quantum Kind

Thursday, 14.3.2013
Prof. Philippe Dugourd, University of Lyon (France)
Coupling mass spectrometry with ion mobility and optical spectroscopy: from VUV spectroscopy to protein aggregation.

Cancelled (ISIC Seminar)
Prof. Frank Neese, MPI für Bioanorganische Chemie, Mühlheim (Germany)
Combined spectroscopic and theoretical studies on small molecule activation in enzymes and model systems.

Thursday, 11.4.2013
Dr. Gert von Helden, Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG, Berlin (Germany)
Biomolecules in the gas phase and in liquid helium droplets.

Thursday, 25.4.2013
Prof. Vahid Sandoghdar, MPL Erlangen (Germany)
Ultrasensitive detection, spectroscopy and tracking of nano-objects.

Thursday, 2.5.2013
Dr. Lucio Isa, ETH Zürich
Title TBA

Thursday, 16.5.2013
Prof. Andrew Orr-Ewing, University of Bristol (UK)
Vibrationally resolved chemical reaction dynamics in solution

Thursday, 23.5.2013
Prof. Paolo Samorì, University of Strasbourg (France)
Multifunctional supramolecularly engineered organic and graphene based electronics


Fall 2012

Wednesday, 26.9.2012, 17:15 (CH G1 495)
Prof. Carlo Adamo, Chimie Paris Tech, France
What can we learn from the modeling of elementary steps in energy devices? DSSC and PEMFC as examples.

Friday, 5.10.2012, 11:00 (CH G1 495)
Prof. Albert Stolow, Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences, NRC
CARS Microscopy Made Simple: Label-free, Molecule-specific Nonlinear Microscopy
Thursday, 18.10.2012
Prof. Geoffrey Bodenhausen, EPFL
Dynamic nuclear Polarization: ‘une fontaine de jouvence’ for magnetic resonance?
Thursday, 25.10.2012
Prof. Wolfgang Domcke, TU Munich, Germany
Conical intersections and their role for the photostability of the building blocks of life
Thursday, 8.11.2012
Prof. Peter Hamm, University of Zurich
Towards Understanding Allosteric Dynamics by Ultrafast IR Spectroscopy
Thursday, 22.11.2012 (ISIC Seminar, 17:15 in CE4)
Prof. Richard N. Zare, Stanford University, USA
Using Desorption Electrospray Ionization for Imaging and for Detecting Reaction Intermediates
Thursday, 29.11.2012
Prof. Vahid Sandoghdar, MPL Erlangen, Germany
Tuesday, 11.12. (17:15 in CH G1 495) and Wednesday, 12.12. (17:15 in CE 1100)
CUSO 3ème cycle, two seminars
Prof. Mischa Bonn, MPIP Mainz, Germany
Structure and Ultrafast Dynamics of Interfacial Water and Carrier Multiplication in Bulk and Quantum Dots: Relevance for Photovoltaics
Spring 2012
Thursday, 23.2.2012
Prof. Leticia González, University of Vienna, Austria
Nonadiabatic photochemistry using mixed quantum-classical dynamics simulations
Thursday, 8.3.2012, (Cancelled)
Prof. Marc Vrakking, Max Born Institute, Berlin, Germany
High-Harmonic and FEL-based pump-probe spectroscopy
Thursday, 22.3.2012
Prof. Samuel Leutwyler, University of Bern
Excitonic interactions in hydrogen-bonded molecular dimers: Where ab initio theory goes wrong.
Thursday, 5.4.2012
Prof. Bernd Abel, University of Leipzig, Germany
Ultrafast soft x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy at liquid microjets
Wednesday, 18.4.2012, 17:15
Prof. Kopin Liu: Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
Mode- and bond-selective reactivity probed by product pair correlation measurement
CUSO 3ème cycle
Friday, 20.4.2012, 11:15
Prof. Joachim Sauer, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
Atomistic understanding of heterogeneous catalysis by oxides – quantum chemistry in concert with experiment Heilbronner-Hückel lecture
Thursday, 3.5.2012
Prof. Thomas Wandlowski, University of Bern
Charge Transport with Single Molecules and Clusters: An Electrochemical Approach
Thursday, 24.5.2012 (Cancelled)
Prof. Geoffrey Bodenhausen, EPFL
Dynamic nuclear polarization: ‘une fontaine de jouvence’ for magnetic resonance?

Tuesday, 12.6.2012
Prof. Nicola Marzari, EPFL

Density-functional theory: time to move on?