ERC Starting Grants

Institute of Physics

This document describes the process for getting support from the Institute of Physics (IPHYS) to apply as a non-professor. EPFL professors can refer to the Research Office funding page for their own application process.


Upon successful application, ERC Starting Grant awardees will receive the title of Research & Teaching Associate (collaborateur·trice scientifique senior). They head their own research group and supervise the PhD students involved in their project.

ERC Starting Grant applicants who would like to work at IPHYS must first be approved by the hosting institute.

Description of the selection process

For the purpose of the internal selection process, a supporting professor needs to endorse the application. This supporting professor must be ready to take over the supervision of the involved PhD students should the grant holder leave EPFL. Moreover, the supporting professor needs to state in the endorsement letter either that they commit to provide the necessary space and infrastructure (including administrative support) for the success of the proposed project, or they need to provide a list of required lab (with specifications) and office space, and infrastructure. The IPHYS selection is based on the plans of the supporting lab to integrate the candidate and the ability of IPHYS to satisfy the needs of the candidate’s project.

At this stage, it is unclear whether and when there will be an opportunity for researchers in Switzerland.

Timeline & deadlines

Deadline for EPFL online pre-application form: TBA

ERC Starting Grant application deadline: January 13th, 2022 (TBC)


EPFL toolkit for ERC Starting Grants 

EPFL online pre-application form

ERC Starting Grants