SB - Dean's Office SB-DEC Hesthaven Jan S.
Deanship SB SB-DO Hesthaven Jan S.
School Council SB CF-SB Hesthaven Jan S.
SB - General Services SB-SG Hesthaven Jan S.
SB - Administration SB-GE Hesthaven Jan S.
SB - Human Resources SB-RH Grin Celka Monique
SB - Finance SB-FI Bühlmann Yolanda
SB - Computer Services SB-IT Renggli Loris
SB - Infrastructure SB-IN Sourisseau Patrick
SB - Safety and Health SB-SST Meyer Thierry
SB - Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Section SB-SCGC Zhu Jieping
SCGC - Administration SCGC-GE Zhu Jieping
SB - Mathematics Section SB-SMA Krieger Joachim
SMA - Administration SMA-GE Krieger Joachim
SB - Physics Section SB-SPH Grandjean Nicolas
SPH - Administration SPH-GE Grandjean Nicolas
Institute of Mathematics MATH Panaretos Victor
Chair of Combinatorial Analysis CAC Marcus Adam W.
Chair of Continuous Optimization OPTIM Boumal Nicolas
MATH - Administration MATH-GE Panaretos Victor
Chair of Mathematical Analysis, Calculus of Variations and PDEs AMCV Colombo Maria
Numerical Algorithms and High-Performance Computing - CADMOS Chair ANCHP Kressner Daniel
Chair of Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis ANMC Abdulle Assyr
Chair of Arithmetic Geometry ARG Wyss Dimitri Stelio
Chair of Algebraic Geometry CAG Patakfalvi Zsolt
Chair of Analysis and Applied Mathematics CAMA Nguyên Hoài-Minh
Chair of Statistical Field Theory CSFT Hongler Clément
Scientific Computing and Uncertainty Quantification - CADMOS Chair CSQI Nobile Fabio
Chair of Combinatorial Geometry DCG Hesthaven Jan S.
Chair of Discrete Optimization DISOPT Eisenbrand Friedrich
Chair of Ergodic and Geometric Group Theory EGG Monod Nicolas
Laboratory for Computation and Visualization in Mathematics and Mechanics LCVMM Maddocks John H.
Chair of Computational Mathematics and Simulation Science MCSS Hesthaven Jan S.
Chair of Mathematical Data Science (SB/IC) MDS1 Abbé Emmanuel
Chair of Numerical Modelling and Simulation MNS Buffa Annalisa
Chair of Partial Differential Equations PDE Krieger Joachim
Chair of Probabilities PROB Dalang Robert
Chair of Stochastic Processes PRST Mountford Thomas
Chair of Random Geometry RGM Aru Juhan
Chair of Statistical Data Science SDS Olhede Sofia Charlotta
Chair of Mathematical Statistics SMAT Panaretos Victor
Chair of Statistics STAT Davison Anthony
Chair of Analytic Number Theory TAN Michel Philippe
Chair of Number Theory TN Viazovska Maryna
Chair of Biostatistics BIOSTAT Stensrud Mats Julius
Chair of Analysis and Mathematical Physics CAMP Lemm Marius
Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering ISIC Cramer Nicolai
ISIC - Administration ISIC-GE Cramer Nicolai
Group of Chemical and Physical Safety GSCP Meyer Thierry
Gaznat Chair for Advanced Separations LAS Agrawal Kumar Varoon
Laboratory of Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry LCBC Röthlisberger Ursula
Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry and Molecular Imaging LCBIM Cramer Nicolai
Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry of Macromolecules LCBM Fierz Beat
Laboratory of Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry LCIB Cramer Nicolai a.i.
Computational Molecular Design Laboratory LCMD Corminboeuf Anne-Clémence
Laboratory of Organometallic and Medicinal Chemistry LCOM Dyson Paul Joseph
Laboratory of Molecular Physical Chemistry LCPM Rizzo Thomas
Laboratory of Theoretical Physical Chemistry LCPT Vanicek Jiri
Laboratory of Supramolecular Chemistry LCS Severin Kay
Laboratory of Asymmetric Catalysis and Synthesis LCSA Cramer Nicolai
Laboratory of Computational Systems Biotechnology (SB/SV/STI) LCSB Hatzimanikatis Vassily
Laboratory of Catalysis and Organic Synthesis LCSO Waser Jérôme
Laboratory of Electrophiles and Genome Operation LEAGO Aye Yimon
Laboratory of Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry LEPA Girault Hubert
Laboratory of Functional Inorganic Materials LFIM Queen Wendy Lee
Laboratory for Molecular Engineering of Optoelectronic Nanomaterials LIMNO Sivula Kevin
Laboratory of Protein Engineering (SB/SV/STI) LIP Johnsson Kai
Laboratory of Materials for Renewable Energy LMER Züttel Andreas
Laboratory of Nanobiotechnology LNB Boghossian Ardemis Anoush
Laboratory of Nanochemistry for Energy LNCE Buonsanti Raffaella
Laboratory of Molecular Nanodynamics LND Lorenz Ulrich
Laboratory of Chemical and Biological Probes LOCBP Rivera Fuentes Pablo
Laboratory of Sustainable and Catalytic Processing LPDC Luterbacher Jeremy
Laboratory of Therapeutic Proteins and Peptides LPPT Heinis Christian
Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance LRM Emsley Lyndon
Laboratory of Inorganic Synthesis and Catalysis LSCI Hu Xile
Laboratory of Molecular Simulation LSMO Smit Berend
Laboratory of Photomolecular Science LSPM Hagfeldt Anders
Laboratory of Synthesis and Natural Products LSPN Zhu Jieping
Laboratory of Ultrafast Spectroscopy LSU Chergui Majed
Polymers Laboratory (STI) LP Klok Harm-Anton
Laboratory for Ultrafast X-ray Sciences LUXS Bostedt Christoph
ISIC - Valais Administration ISIC-GE-VS Cramer Nicolai
Institute of Physics IPHYS Brune Harald
IPHYS - Administration IPHYS-GE Brune Harald
GCMP - Administration GCMP Brune Harald
GPSB - Administration GPSB Dietler Giovanni
GTP - Administration GTP Pasquarello Alfredo
Fondation Sandoz Chair in Physics of Quantum Gases LQG Brantut Jean-Philippe
Chair of Computational Condensed Matter Physics C3MP Yazyev Oleg
Computational Quantum Science Laboratory CQSL Carleo Giuseppe
Chair of Atomic Scale Simulation CSEA Pasquarello Alfredo
Chair of Condensed Matter Theory CTMC Mila Frédéric
Earth and Planetary Science Laboratory EPSL Gillet Philippe
Fields and Strings Laboratory FSL Penedones João Miguel
Hybrid Quantum Circuits Laboratory HQC Scarlino Pasquale
Information, Learning & Physics Laboratory (SB/STI) IDEPHICS2 Krzakala Florent
Laboratory of Advanced Semiconductors for Photonics and Electronics LASPE Grandjean Nicolas
Laboratory of Astrophysics LASTRO Kneib Jean-Paul
Laboratory of Biological Electron Microscopy LBEM Stahlberg Henning
Laboratory of Statistical Biophysics LBS De Los Rios Paolo
Laboratory of Experimental Biophysics LEB Manley Suliana
Laboratory of Functional and Metabolic Imaging LIFMET Gruetter Rolf
Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials (SB/STI) LMSC2 Fontcuberta i Morral Anna
Laboratory of Nanostructures at Surfaces LNS Brune Harald
Laboratory of the Physics of Biological Systems LPBS Rahi Sahand Jamal
High Energy Physics Laboratory LS LPHE-LS Shchutska Lesya
High Energy Physics Laboratory OS LPHE-OS Schneider Olivier
High Energy Physics Laboratory 1 LPHE1 Hesthaven Jan S.
Laboratory of Nanostructures and Novel Electronic Materials LPMC Forró László
Laboratory of the Physics of Nanostructured Materials LPMN Ansermet Jean-Philippe
Laboratory of the Physics of Living Matter LPMV Hesthaven Jan S.
Laboratory of Particle Physics and Cosmology LPPC Shaposhnikov Mikhail
Laboratory of Photonics and Quantum Measurements (SB/STI) LPQM1 Kippenberg Tobias
Theoretical Particle Physics Laboratory LPTP Rattazzi Riccardo
Laboratory for Quantum Magnetism LQM Rønnow Henrik M.
Laboratory of Quantum Physics, Topology and Correlations LQP Banerjee Mitali
Laboratory of Reactor Physics and Systems Behaviour LRS Pautz Andreas
Laboratory of Nanoscale Science LSEN Kern Klaus
Electron Spectrometry and Microscopy Laboratory LSME Hébert Cécile
Laboratory for Topological Matter LTM Aeppli Gabriel
Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of Nanosystems LTPN Savona Vincenzo
Laboratory for Ultrafast Microscopy and Electron Scattering LUMES Carbone Fabrizio
Laboratory for Ultrafast Dynamics of Quantum Materials LUQ Rüegg Christian
Physics of Complex Systems Laboratory PCSL Wyart Matthieu
Statistical Physics of Computation Laboratory (SB) SPOC1 Zdeborova Lenka
Lausanne Centre for Ultrafast Science LACUS Chergui Majed
LACUS - Administration LACUS-GE Chergui Majed
Swiss Plasma Center SPC Fasoli Ambrogio
SPC - Administration SPC-GE Fasoli Ambrogio
SPC - Theory SPC-TH Ricci Paolo
SPC - Basic Plasma Physics SPC-BPP Fasoli Ambrogio
SPC - TCV Tokamak Physics SPC-TCV Fasoli Ambrogio
SPC - Supraconductivity Group SPC-SG Fasoli Ambrogio
SPC - Material Group SPC-MG Fasoli Ambrogio
SPC - Plasma Processing SPC-PP Fasoli Ambrogio
SPC - Edge Plasma Physics SPC-PB Theiler Christian Gabriel