Master’s project (PDM)

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To be able to access the form:
– use Firefox as a browser
– access Googledocs with your Gaspar login

Our two Masters end up with an independent research work carried out in academia or industry, called the Master’s project.

ISIC research groups can all welcome master’s project and are listed here, together with proposals for master’s projects in other EPFL labs or elsewhere.

Once you have sent back your registration form to the section, please make sure to register on IS-Academia too!

Contact: Mrs Séverine Roque

  • Master’s projects at EPFL: 17 weeks
  • Master’s projects outside EPFL (other universities or industry): 25 weeks

The official start date of the PDM is the first day of the semester. However, there is some flexibility, as stated below:

  • Autumn: can start anytime between 01.08 and 01.10
  • Spring: can start anytime between the first day of the semester and 01.03

Should you plan to conduct your Master’s project at ETHZ, please do either contact the Student Exchange Office or fill-in the form for PDM exchange students on your IS-Academia portal.

At the deadline, 12:00 Swiss time

Non confidential projects:

  • upload on IS-Academia
  • .pdf file to be sent to the EPFL advisor (thesis director)
  • email to confirm the above to [email protected]. No need for .pdf file nor print out!

+ poster 4 weeks later, but in any case by the end of the 3rd week in September

Confidential projects:

  • as many binded copies as there are examiners and experts + 1 copy for the section (bring them all to the section!). The student is then responsible to transmit them to his examiner(s)/expert(s).

Only for non confidential projects.

  • to be brought to the Secrétariat latest 4 weeks after your sumbmission deadline.
  • no template
  • should you leave Switzerland soon after your oral examination, please do make sure to get your poster printed out and submitted beforehand!