The rules for Minor are described in a web page by SAC. The registration to a Minor has to be done within the end of the first semester of the Master (at the latest with the registration to the second semester of the master)

Minor in Mathematics and
Minor in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE)

The registration includes the following points:

Minors for students in MSc Mathematics
Minors for student in MSc Applied Mathematics

For a Minor in CSE, please see above.

For a Minor in another subject, please follow the rules of the section offering the minor. You have to register on ISA and also with the offering section. Then you have to hand in the registration form and the list of courses signed by the offering section to the SMA for approval at the latest when registering to courses for the second semester of the master.

  • MSc Mathematics: a minor adds 30 ECTS
  • MSc Applied Mathematics: the minor takes the 30 ECTS of the internship. The internship is still cumpolsory but is credited with the PdM and lasts only 8 weeks (extandable to 4-6 months)

Minors for students in MSc CSE
or MSc Mathematics for education

Students in MSc Math for education and MSc CSE are not allowed to take any Minor.