Master’s thesis

Our 2 Masters end up with an independent research work lasting 4 to 6 months in academia or industry, called the Master’s thesis. Master’s thesis at EPFL have to be completed in 4 months.

ISIC research groups can all welcome Master’s thesis and are listed under SCGC’s “Research and Master Projects”, together with other master projects at EPFL or elsewhere.

Guidelines as well as registration form can be found hereafter. Forms have to be filled in, signed by the Professor supervising the Master’s thesis and sent back to the Section’s office.

Master in Chemical engineering and Biotechnology: if the student has completed an internship, the Master’s thesis has to be selected in academia. At contrary, if the student has choosen a minor instead, the Master’s thesis has to be carry out in industry.

Important forms and directives
Application Form for Master’s thesis  Download
Directives for Master’s thesis  Download
Instruction meant for the
external expert
Assessment of Master’s thesis and
oral defense
Rendu projet de Master
Master’s thesis dropping