Project in molecular sciences II

The project in molecular sciences II aims at student to become familiar to theoretical and/or practical approaches applied by chemists. There is no commitment to perform an independent research work. It is possible to complete the Master’s project at the same place but with a true independent research work respecting EPFL requirements.

Students also have the choice to complete a Minor (30 credits among the minors proposed at EPFL) instead of a laboratory training for chemists (one cannot do both).

Please read the Internal rules for the Project in molecular sciences II carefully for more details.

Contact: Mrs Karine Brahimi

  • At ISIC or EPFL: direct discussion with potential advisors
  • In other institutions: identify an advisor AND find an ISIC mentor
  • Through EPFL internship website: those topics are already validated by the section.
  • Through company advertisement: the section MUST validate the job description before applying.

Very useful short trainings are proposed to students:

  • Course 1: understanding the recruiter
  • Course 2: CV sections
  • Course 3: cover letter
  • Course 4: job interview
  • Course 5: communication and organisation at work

Registration is mandatory at

NB: Courses 1 to 3 are usually given in the Autumn semester. Exceptionally, these trainings could be repeated in Spring upon request. The coordination office provides support to students to help them search for their laboratory training for chemists.

For lab experiences outside EPFL (academia or industry), you will need to register as Present in your FRAC, as well as enroll in the subject (CH-590) in the dedicated tab.