The internship has several goals such as: the immersion of the student in the professional world, emphasizing the importance of team work, getting acquainted with company processes and understanding the skills required by a professional engineer.

Students undertake their internship in a company or in a non-academic organization. The internship lasts from 4 to 6 months and takes place after two semesters of the Master cycle and just before the Master project.

The coordination office provides support to students to help them search for their internship. This includes: a list of internship proposals, courses on job applications and one-on-one appointments to discuss their application documents.

The process is describe in the “The EPFL internships portal” web page.

Students also have the choice to complete a Minor (30 credits among the minors proposed at EPFL) instead of an internship. The Master thesis must then be done in non-academic organization. Master thesis are not organized by the internship coordination office but directly by the Section (see “Master’s thesis” web page).