ENAC Transdisciplinary Cluster Grants

Call for projects 2022: CLOSED

The general mission of this call is to support researchers who want to launch and engage in transdisciplinary research projects and to explore new and original ideas linked to ENAC’s strategic areas: Climate change, Digitalization and Sustainable Urbanization.

The grant should serve as seed money (50kCHF max.) to explore, initiate, and/or participate in new types of collaborations with non-academic stakeholders (governmental, NGOs, and/or the private sector), with the idea of developing larger projects in the future. The application should involve minimum one principal investigator (PI), who is a researcher employed at an ENAC laboratory, and who wants to co-produce knowledge with at minimum one partner outside academia.

Applications for the 2022 call can be continuously submitted (i.e. no fixed deadline) under the condition that the PIs have expressed their interest in this call, by contacting the call coordinator, in order to receive specific support and approval for the submission of their proposal (see toolkit).

Is this grant for you?

  • Are you driven by a desire to address societal problems and contribute to a sustainable world through your research?
  • Are you curious and open to explore an issue together with others outside academia?
  • Do external stakeholders hold useful knowledge, capacities and opportunities for action on the issue you are interested in?
  • Do you feel comfortable in acting as a bridge between university and society?

Answered YES? Then get in contact!

How to submit?

  • Please read the Guide for Applicants and use the provided templates (see toolkit)
  • PIs interested in submitting an application for this call have to express their interest by writing an email to [email protected]
  • After a meeting and approval from the call coordinator, PIs can go ahead with the submission of an application to [email protected]
  • The PI will be informed about the outcome of the review within 4 weeks after submission.
  • The project has to start no later than 4 months after the approval by the review committee.

Looking for a non-academic partner?

  • Besides the minimal requirement for a collaboration with a non-academic stakeholder, the PI is free in the choice of the external partners. If the PI hasn’t defined an appropriate partner for the project, then coaching and support in finding an external partner can be provided by the ENAC Dean’s office, EPFL VPI or E4S Tech4Impact team.
  • Please get in contact via [email protected]


If you have any additional question concerning the call, do not hesitate to contact us!
[email protected]

Charlotte Vandenberghe 021 693 76 15 (call coordinator, ENAC Dean’s office)
Frédéric Dreyer 021 693 32 33 (Innovation and Ecosystem Manager, ENAC Dean’s office)