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The main objective of the Institute of Architecture and the City (IA) is the development of research. A fundamental task that implies that architecture, the quality of construction, the insertion in the surrounding environment, the respect of natural and urban landscapes as well as that of the cultural heritage are primarily of general interest. 

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Construction and Conservation Laboratory
Prof. honoraire Luca Ortelli

Theory and History of Architecture Laboratory 3
Prof. honoraire Roberto Gargiani

Theory and History of Architecture Laboratory 2
Prof. honoraire Bruno Marchand


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EPFL’s excellence in manifold research fields, as evidenced by its top academic rankings, means that it is an outstanding place for doctoral students to interact with internationally renowned researchers and to work in over 350 laboratories equipped with cutting-edge facilities.

The Doctoral School supervises 22 doctoral programs covering together all EPFL fields of research. Each programs is responsible for recruiting doctoral students, organizing their supervision and monitoring their progress. The doctoral programs also organize an offer of advanced level courses and create a community based in their scientific domain.

The Doctoral Program brings together in one doctoral program the world of architecture and that of social sciences concerned with the inhabited space and combines basic and applied research in an interdisciplinary perspective. Comprised of faculty members active within more than 30 laboratories of EPFL, the EDAR doctoral program receives three times a year new PhD Students interested in its scientific orientations which encompass three research areas across the researches conducted in the laboratories.

Direction ad interim
Elena Cogato Lanza
[email protected]
+41 21 693 62 14
BP 4133
Sandra Bottà
[email protected]
+41 21 693 21 91
BP 2130
  • Libraries, collections and archives

Découvrez les archives de travaux de recherches scientifiques et les thèses doctorales menés par EPFL Architecture. 

  • Published Thesis

L’usage et l’expérience du temps de déplacement dans la perspective du report modal

L. J. González Villamizar / V. Kaufmann; G. S. J. Drevon (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2022. 

Le dehors de toute fête : une sociologie urbaine de la sécurité au Montreux Jazz Festival

L. J. Delley / L. G. Pattaroni; V. Kaufmann (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2022. 

(from) the repertoire : an architectural theory of operations. Oral and embodied knowledge in architectural and spatial practices.

J. Lafontaine Carboni / D. Dietz; L-N. Garcia de Jalon Oyarzun (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2022. 

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