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Open Research Highlights


Open-source python package for discrete choice models

A python package for the maximum likelihood estimation of parametric models, with a special emphasis on discrete choice models

Open Software for finite elements models

Akantu is a C++ library, for accurate finite-element modeling with high performance computations, available under the LGPL licence.

Open Data for the Southern Ocean

The ACE-DATA project offers a collection of datasets, well-documented with metadata, available on the data repository Zenodo through the Creative Commons license.

Open Data and benchmark for trajectory forecasting

A machine learning challenge, with accompanying data and evaluation codes, open to the public on; all scripts are shared under MIT license.

Open Data of naturalistic vehicle trajectories

pNEUMA is a unique observatory for traffic congestion, with a dataset of traffic streams in Athens, at a finer scale and resolution than ever before.

Open Software for 3D fluid-driven fractures propagation

PyFrac is a python solver for 3D fluid-driven fractures propagation, released under GPLv3 license.

Open Data & Scripts for NLP on satellite imagery

A training dataset designed to for remote sensing visual question answering, hosted on its dedicated website with accompanying scripts.

Open data on experimental tests of structural components

Experimental tests on large-scale rubble stone masonry walls to characterize their cyclic behavior, which can be used in seismic assessment methods.


Models, software and code of Composite Fields for Human Pose Estimation

Open Research Scripts & Software