Student Kreativity and Innovation Laboratory

The SKIL (Student Kreativity and Innovation Laboratory) is a custom-made experimental infrastructure for students – essentially a big, well-equipped workshop in which students can set themselves free, aided and coached in their creativity. In the SKIL, students have complete freedom to use their fantasy and imagination, and access to vast array of materials and technical capabilities that will make it possible to transform their ideas into reality, be it physical or digital.

In the SKIL there is no predefined task or assignment – students brain-storm and decide between themselves what they want to do – then do it. In this process the students will be coached and taught technical skills necessary to carry out their projects.

During the ongoing semester, SKIL gets organised around a teaching unit course proposed by the “Design Together” program. Moreover, the SKIL is currently placed in GR C0 01. But from the summer of 2018, SKIL will be moving to a dedicated building constructed between the GC and the BM buildings on the EPFL campus. Thereafter, SKIL activities will be organized either within the “Design Together” program (ENAC Teaching unit, ENAC semester projects) or other credited courses or projects. It will also be a place where registered students can get together outside normal classroom teaching as it is accessible 24 hours a day.

An official opening ceremony will take place at the end of September and will be the kick-off for curriculum and extra-curriculum activites in the SKIL.

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