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Bringing La Buvette d'Evian back to life

— In a new book, EPFL researchers trace the history of La Buvette d’Evian – a former lakeside refreshment area that is also an icon of modern architecture. With some light renovation work, La Buvette could reinvigorate the entire region. The book launch will take place on 6 December at EPFL.

Appointment of Prof. Emmanuel REY as Associate Professor

— In response to the proposals received from the President of the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Professor Martin Vetterli, the ETH Board resolved at its meeting of 8/9 March 2017 to appoint a total of six professors. Among them is Prof. Emmanuel Rey, currently Tenure Track Assistant Professor, which was named as Associate Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Construction Technologies in the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC).

Mapping urban underground potential

— An EPFL researcher has taken a methodology designed to improve underground urban planning around the world one step further. The study, which combines geology and economics, encourages a more rational approach to underground development while safeguarding natural resources.

The lab that's betting on low-tech

— From the Saint Loup Chapel in Pompaples to the soon-to-be-completed Vidy Theatre Pavilion in Lausanne, the lab run by Yves Weinand is developing new innovations based on an age-old material: wood. A newly published book highlights the lab’s most important discoveries, for scientists and wood-industry professionals alike.

Empirical: embodiment in architecture & neuroscience

— Architectonic space engages several aspects of embodiment. While embodiment is a well-studied phenomenon in cognitive neuroscience, little is known about the impact of architecture on human behavior and self-consciousness. Here, we propose a symposium that promotes empirical scientific methods for architecture, studying the subjective experience of the body in space modulated by the facets of the environment.