ENAC multimedia studio – BP 3122

Newly installed and equipped, this studio is put at the disposal of the ENAC community. It is suitable for taking pictures of people and objects (e.g. mock-ups) or videos. Lighting is done through flashes Elinchrom BRX 500 or LED panels (rather for videos). Several colors of funds are available including a green background for the overlay (chroma key). This studio also has a computer with editing software (photos and videos).

The studio users must bring their own equipment (camera or video). ENAC-IT3 can, if necessary, lend (to only use onsite) a camera and a digital video camera.

Equipment available :

  • 1 Flashmeter, Sekonik Lifemaster Pro478DR
  • 2 Flashes Elichrom BRX 500 + Softbox 65×65
  • 1 Flash Elichrom BRX 250
  • Reflector spot
  • 1 Trigger Flash ELSkyport Transmiter Plus
  • 2 Pannels Led Photottix Kali 150
  • 2 Pannels Led Aputure Ligth Storm LS
  • 1 Stabilizing arm Feiyutec A2000
  • 1 Background support + 3 types of background paper
  • 1 Reflective background Chromatte
  • 1 LigthBox 150 x 150 cm
  • 1 Tripod