Research & Expertise

ITPP Research

Prof. Matthias Finger

De- and regulation of network industries, governance of large socio-technical systems, infrastructure policy, business-government relations, urban governance

Prof. Dominique Foray
Economics of innovation, science and technology indicators, technology policy, knowledge-based economy, innovation & development, smart specialization

Prof. Bruno Oberle
Green economy, sustainable resource management, resource governance, environmental management and protection of the environment

Prof. Gaétan de Rassenfosse
Economics of Innovation: Innovation and Intellectual Property Policy, Science of science, Higher education systems, Evidence-based policy, patents, IPRs, measurement of intangibles

Postal Innovation Platform
EPFL and George Mason University (GMU) have agreed to closely cooperate and partner in the areas of postal & logistics research and activities and join forces via the Postal Innovation Platform (PIP).

The ITPP’s strengths include:

  • Research on the interactions between science, technology, and policy at local, national and international levels,
  • The investigation of innovative ways to address grand societal challenges combining technology with supporting institutions,
  • The formulation of corresponding policies and regulations,
  • The active engagement with scientists, engineers, industry leaders, third sector actors, public administrators and policy makers, in order to create international cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary networks to address these grand challenges



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