Mapping controversial memories in the historic urban landscape

A multidisciplinary study of Beijing, Mexico City and Rome (2015-2017)

The research aims to produce a comparative, multidisciplinary study on the impact of UNESCO’s Recommendation on the historic urban landscape (RHUL – 2011),  which seeks to integrate conservation and development in urban policies. The research addresses three questions in Beijing, Mexico City and Rome: Which memorial references are mobilized by local actors in their historical urban landscape?  To what extent does the perception of collective memory overlap with the existing local implementation of heritage conservation policies? Which potential approach for the recognition of plural memories within the RHUL best underpins attachment to urban territories? This project strives to contribute to a better understanding of so-called collective memory dynamics and controversies that are emerging in these historic cities. Research must encompass popular understanding of uses of heritage, official norms and regulations as well as controversies produced by the mismatch of practice and discourse at different levels of analysis: local, national, and international.

Source of financing: SNIS

Research team: Florence Graezer Bideau,  Yves Pedrazzini (Lasur, EPFL), Jean-Christophe Loubier et Rafael Matos-Wasem (HES-SO Sierre), Lucia Bordone, Lesslie Herrera, Martha de Alba, Haiming Yan et Viola Mordenti

Partners: Politecnico di Torino, Tsinghua University, Roma 3, Roma 2
Recent publications:
  • Graezer Bideau, Florence and Yan Haiming. (2018). “Historic Urban Landscape in Beijing: The Gulou Project and Its Contested Memories”, in Christina MAAGS and Marina Svensson (eds.). Chinese Heritage in the Making: Experiences, Negotiations and Contestations, pp. 93 –117. Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press.
  • Graezer Bideau, Florence. (2018). “Mapping the Places of Collective Memories: A Rapid Transformation Landscape in Beijing”, in Italo Pardo and Giuliana Prato (eds). The Handbook on Urban Anthropology, pp. 259-278. London, Palgrave Macmillan.
Recent activities:
  • Joint collaboration project Memory and the City PoliTO-EPFL
  • Workshop on Mexico-City and Ostiense at the Istituto Svizzero di Roma (1-3 December 2016)
  • “Re-creating Memories of Gulou: Three Temporalities and Emotions”, with Haiming Yan, Association of Critical Heritage Studies 4th Biennal Conference, Heritage Across Borders, September 1-6, 2018, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, RPC.
  • « La patrimonialisation : perspectives chinoises » Table-ronde Chine, construire l’héritage. Lyon, 13-5 Septembre 2018. Archipel Centre de Culture Urbaine en collaboration avec la Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, l’École nationale supérieure d’architecture et du patrimoine de Saint-Etienne, l’École urbaine de Lyon, Archipel Centre de Culture Urbaine, Lyon, France.