Project: “Transmission through imitation – Transformation intangible cultural heritage archives through virtual reality and sport science”


This digital humanities project is located at the intersection of intangible cultural heritage (ICH — martial arts), human computer interaction (HCI — immersive pedagogy) and the sports science (SS — psychology). Specifically, the project focuses on the use of an enactivist approach to learning using virtual reality—for the transmission of embodied knowledge systems through imitation (from digital-master to human-novice). The proposal is based on high-fidelity 3D motion data and, photographic, ultra-high-speed and green-screen video captured of expert kung fu practitioners of south Chinese traditions in Hong Kong (the ‘masters’). Through its interdisciplinary approach, this CROSS project aims to contribute to timely research questions concerning that way embodied traditions might ‘migrate’ from expert to novice through digital interfaces (virtual reality; VR) with important implications not only for ICH but also for the development of sports related pedagogy.