College of Humanities (CDH)

Centre Midi CM 2 267
Station 10
CH-1015 Lausanne

EPFL CdH people - photo Alain Herzog 2020

EPFL CdH people – photo Alain Herzog 2020


Béla Kapossy, Dean

Gabriela Tejada, Academic deputy

Administration and finances

Nicole Aghroum, Financial and administrative manager

SHS Program

Néjia Dahmouni Martin, SHS coordinator

Christine Farget, Global Issues coordinator

CDH culture

Véronique Mauron Layaz, CDH culture manager


Virginie Martin, Communication manager

Célia Lüterbacher, Journalist

Institute for Area and Global Studies (IAGS)

Isabelle Hügli, Administrative assistant

IAGS’ team

Digital Humanities Institute (DHI)

Kathleen Collins, Deputy of section

Jocelyne Vassalli, Administrative assistant

Laboratoires DHI


Anne-Gaëlle Lardeau, Manager

ArtLab’s team