Social and Human Sciences (SHS) Program

The SHS program is an integral part of all study plans at EPFL, from the first year of a Bachelor’s degree to the first year of the Master’s degree. It offers students a great freedom of choice, from around 150 courses that cover a wide range of humanities and social sciences.


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Courses’ timetables

BA 1st year propedeutic, spring: Tuesday 5.15 pm-7 pm
BA semester 3: Tuesday 3.15 pm-5 pm
BA semester 4: Tuesday 3.15 pm-5 pm
BA semester 5: Tuesday 1.15 pm-3 pm
BA semester 6: Tuesday 1.15 pm-3 pm
Master semester 1: Wednesday 4.15 pm-7 pm
Master semester 2: Wednesday 4.15 pm-7 pm