EuroTechPostdoc Workshop 2019

Dedicated to the EuroTech fellows granted during the 2018 call, the EurotechPostdoc Workshop will be held on September 23-25 at EPFL and consists in a three-day event focusing on soft-skill training and on fellows’ networking.

40 EuroTech fellows coming from EPFL, TUM, DTU and TU/e, will gather to reinforce their competences and establish synergies among their respective research areas.

The workshop will address:

  • Scientific communication skills
  • Data management
  • Ethics and Research Integrity

At the same time, the event provides a great opportunity to establish collaborations among the participants and beyond.


Chiara Ciriminna

Mail: [email protected]

Tel: +41 21 69 32047

EPFL Research Office
BI A2 408 (Bâtiment BI)
Station 7
CH-1015 Lausanne

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