Education, environment and challenge

Since 2014, Hydrocontest has been a unique opportunity for EPFL labs and students to get involved in a motivating and interdisciplinary challenge. In 2019, the competition organizer, Hydros, decided to suspend the event.

The EPFL Hydrocontest Team has been taking part in the competition since the first edition. It has already achieved some notable successes:

2014, Lausanne: 2nd place in the mass transport category
2015, Lausanne: 1st place in the mass transport category
2016, Lausanne: 2nd place long distance category
2017, St Tropez: 1st place in the mass transport category
2018, St Tropez: 2nd place in the light transport category

This year, the team has between 30 and 40 students and no less than 25 projects have been completed. Students of all levels – from Bachelor to Master – come from very diverse backgrounds involving the five EPFL faculties.

Press kit on the Hydrocontest EPFL Team 2018

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Robin Amacher, EPFL Hydrocontest Coordinator, +41 21 693 38 71