CLIP-AIR: évaluation du concept

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This project aims at working on a revolutionary concept aircraft based primarily on modularity. Aptly named Clip-Air, it strives to achieve a form of variable geometry that adapts not to optimized aerodynamics, but to the volumes transported.

The modular part, united in flight to an aerial device, becomes removable when it reaches the ground. This modularity will free it from solely airport areas and extend its reach right into the heart of cities. The interdependence of transport and architecture within Clip-Air puts forward a radically different approach to undertake such a research project.

Being highly multidisciplinary, it will be developed in four distinct lines of research: evaluating its impact on transportation demand; the viability of the aerodynamic design; the energy dimension and its highly adaptable potential to future solutions (renewable energy), the viability of new materials. The first phase of this research project lasts 1 year and is conducted by the laboratories of Professors Bierlaire (TRANSP-OR) and Quarteroni (CMCS).

The CMCS lab will evaluate the feasibility of the overall aerodynamic design and optimize/refine its properties. The TRANSP-OR lab will analyze the added-value of the concept in terms of logistics and operations management and multi-modality induced by the system modularity.

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Principal investigator Prof. Michel Bierlaire
Project manager Claudio Leonardi
Sponsor Private investor
Period 2010 (6 months)
Laboratories CMCS, LENI, TRANSP-OR
Collaboration TRACE