Recent events

Through events and meetings, the IFNC offers to its members, partners and collaborators many opportunities to develop their activities.

Scale-Up Day

November 26, 2019

Power by Venture Lab, this match-making event gathered twenty European start-ups and industrial members of the IFNC.

The participants focused on the three priorities of the center, discussing ideas and innovations regarding sustainable packaging, healthy ageing and digitalization of the food systems.

They had plenty of time for productive one-to-one discussions, helping them identify common challenges and opportunities for collaboration.

Meet the Professors

October 28, 2019

Digital solutions can potentially deliver significant positive impacts across food value chains. These range from innovations that can make food systems more transparent and authentic, to technologies that help improve customers’ trust and food security, produce more efficiently or reduce waste.

On October 28, 2019, some EPFL professors representing their laboratories and actors from the food industry gathered together for the first “Meet the Professors” event organized by the Integrative Food and Nutrition Center.

Imagined as a forum, the event was the opportunity for the industrial partners to share their visions for the future of their field and the challenges they face every day and to match their unmet needs with the potential of EPFL.

After short presentations from the industrial participants and the professors, time was given for one-to-one discussions to help both parties identify opportunities for collaborations.