Excellence in Africa

the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University UM6P in Morocco and EPFL , via EXAF centre, have designed a programme based on the following three pillars:

1) Junior Faculty Development

This is the key element of the programme. Talented young African professors are collaborating with an EPFL laboratory to jointly develop a research project.

2) 100 PhDs for Africa

100 PhD’students benefit from thesis funding and close collaboration between the African University in which they are registered and an EPFL laboratory.

3) Centres of Competence in Digital Education

Nowadays, digital education is an important means of transmitting knowledge. With this third axis, the objective is to provide STEM students enrolled in master and doctoral programmes throughout Africa with access to quality educational materials and tools. To this end, several Digital Education Competence Centres will be created. 

For more than six years, the EPFL has been running a successful MOOC4DEV programme in Africa. This has led the Mohammed VI UM6P Polytechnic University in Morocco to approach the EPFL and to join forces in the design and launch of a programme aimed at meeting these challenges.