Prof. José del R. Millán

José Del R. Millán

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Defitech Chair in Brain-Machine Interface

Prof. Millán moved to the University of Texas at Austin.

The Chair in Brain-Machine Interface laboratory (CNBI) carried out research on the direct use of human brain signals to control devices and interact with our environment. In this multidisciplinary research, we are bringing together our pioneering work on the two fields of brain-machine interfaces and adaptive intelligent robotics. Our approach to design intelligent neuroprostheses balances the development of prototypes‚ where robust real-time operation is critical‚ and the exploration of new interaction principles and their associated brain correlates. A key element at each stage is the design of efficient machine learning algorithms for real-time analysis of brain activity that allow users to convey their intents rapidly, on the order of hundred milliseconds. Our neuroprostheses are explored in cooperation with clinical partners and disabled volunteers for the purpose of motor restoration, communication, entertainment and rehabilitation.


Brain-machine interfaces, Neuroprosthetics, Machine learning, Robotics, EEG.