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Would you like to focus your studies on Intelligent Systems related fields? EPFL offers a wide range of study courses.
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EPFL offers numerous courses in relation to Intelligent Systems, which covers various fields and disciplines, from mathematics and data science to robotics and computer vision. 

Please note this list is not exhaustive. For more information, please contact: [email protected] 



CourseLecturer(s)FieldP/TLanguage Online
MGT-418 – Convex optimizationDaniel KuhnMathematicsBothENN/A
MATH-403 – Low-rank approximation techniquesDaniel KressnerMathematicsTheoryENN/A
MATH-412 – Statistical machine learningObozinski Guillaume RomainMathematicsBothENN/A
MICRO-455 – Applied Machine LearningAude BillardMachine LearningTBDENN/A
MICRO-401 – Machine Learning ProgrammingAude BillardMachine LearningTBDENN/A
CS-456 – Artificial neural networksGerstner WulframNeural NetworksTheoryENN/A
CS-430- Intelligent agents

Faltings BoiIntelligent AgentsBothENN/A
CS-439 – Optimization for machine learning

Flammarion Nicolas Henri Bernard
Jaggi Martin
Machine LearningBothENN/A
(ADA) CS-401 – Applied Data AnalysisRobert WestData AnalysisBothENHybrid
EE-556 – Mathematics of data: from theory to computationCevher VolkanStatististical AnalysisBothENN/A
CS-526 – Learning theory

Macris Nicolas
Urbanke Rüdiger
Machine LearningBothENN/A
EE-559 – Deep LearningFrançois FleuretDeep LearningBothENN/A
MICRO – 570 Advanced machine learningAude Billard
Bernardo Fichera
Lukas Huber
Thomas Michaelsen Pethick
Athanasios Polydoros
Machine LearningN/AENN/A
CS-413Computational photographySüsstrunk SabineComputational photographyBothENN/A
MATH-448 – Statistical analysis of network dataOlhede Sofia CharlottaStatisticsTheoryENN/A
MATH-413 -Statistics for data scienceOlhede Sofia CharlottaStatisticsTheoryENN/A
MGT-448 – Statistical inference and machine learning

Negar Kiyavash
Fateme Jamshidi
Ehsan Mokhtarian
Ehsan Mokhtarian
Paul Thierry Yves Rolland
Statistics/Machine Learning N/AENN/A
MGT-416 – Network analytics

Negar Kiyavash Seyed Jalal Etesami René Yves GloggNetwork analysisTheory ENOn site optional
CIVIL-459 –
Deep learning for autonomous vehicles
Alahi Alexandre Deep learningBothENN/A
MATH-412 –
Statistical machine learning
Obozinski Guillaume RomainStatistics/ Machine LearningBothENN/A
CS 723 – Topics on ML Systems
Babak Falsafi
Anne-Marie Kermarrec
Martin Jaggi
Machine LearningTheoryENOnline
DH-411 – Design research for digital innovationHenchoz NicolasDesign BothENN/A
EE-451- Image analysis and pattern recognitionThiran Jean-PhilippeImage analysis BothENN/A
CS-433 – Machine Learning Nicolas Flammarion
Martin Jaggi
Machine LearningBothENOnline
CIVIL-426 – Machine learning for predictive maintenance applicationsFink OlgaMachine Learning N/AENOnsite

Doctoral courses and continued education

EDRS – Robotics, Control, and Intelligent Systems 2020-21 (All courses)

Executive Certificate (CAS)

The Executive Certificate (CAS) in Data Science & Management is a unique program for executives, developed by HEC Lausanne and EPFL. The program combines management and technology perspectives and demystifies Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Participants develop the required skills to drive the transformation towards a Data-Driven Enterprise and create sustainable business value from data.

The program comprises 4 modules that can also be taken as individual shorts programs (4×4 days) that address the strategic, organizational and technical challenges in data-driven organizations. To get more information about this short programs please check the program tab.

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