CIS SV Retreat 2022 AI in life sciences: challenges and opportunities

The EPFL School of Life Sciences and the EPFL Center for Intelligent Systems are delighted to invite all EPFL professors, research staff and students to the first CIS-SV AI deepdive. We are looking forward to exchanging on AI in Life Sciences in general and to discuss challenges and opportunities .The event consists of keynotes, poster sessions and networking.

Please indicate whether you will present a poster and submit the title of your poster when registering for the event. Presenting a poster is strongly recommended but optional.

Location: Building SV, EPFL – Room: SV1717


*7 talks, each talk 15 min + 5 min Q&A

Collaborations established through CIS
Informed machine learning for medicine
Dorina Thanou
Creating an assistive environment for people with limited mobility using modular robot
Auke Ijspeert

Structural biology and protein design in the era of AI
Paolo de los Rios
Lucas Rudden [Barth group]
Ilia Igashov [Correia group]
Lucien Krapp [Dal Peraro group]
Umberto Lupo [Bitbol group]

Poster list coming soon

*8 talks, each talk 15 min + 5 min Q&A

Machine learning in single cell omic analyses
Felix Naef
Gioele La Manno
Bart Deplancke

Graph machine learning for biomedical discovery
Maria Brbic

Machine learning in microscopy
Microscopy image analysis with (un)supervised machine learning 
Martin Weigert

Using collaborative robots in experiments
Ana Marija Jaksic

Mackenzie Mathis
Pavan Ramdya

Poster list – coming soon 

@ SV1204 – TBC

Note: As this event is reserved to the EPFL community please register with your email address. 

Organizing committee

Anne-Florence Bitbol
Pavan Ramdya
Patrick Barth
CIS team

Note: This event will be photographed. Please be advised that CIS may use photographs taken during events for publication in print and online. Please alert the photographer or CIS team member at the beginning of the event if you wish not to have your photograph taken. 


Any questions regarding the CIS SV Retreat ? Please contact us:
[email protected]